Unschooling Resources

We are often asked what are our go-to resources for natural child-directed learning. Although unschooling must be child-led, we believe, as 2nd generation unschoolers, it is our responsibility to cultivate an atmosphere of learning by providing (but not forcing) a broad range of resources.

There are seemingly endless resources your child can utilize for learning. These are just a few we recommend. Listed below you’ll find links to some of our favorite unschooling resources that our kids regularly use and love!

Hands-On Learning Products

Board Games We Love

Books for the Littles

The Quiltmaker’s Gift
Hey Little Ant
Through Grandpa’s Eyes
Should I Share My Ice Cream?
Casey the Greedy Young Cowboy

Books for the Big Kids

Harry Potter Series
The Chronicles of Narnia
Geronimo Stilton Series
The Mysterious World of Cosentino
The Eragon Series

Books for Mom & Dad

Free to Learn by Peter Gray
Free to Learn by Pam Laricchia
Unschooled by Kerry McDonald
Home Grown by Ben Hewitt
Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto
Radical Unschooling by Dayna Martin

Online Resources & Apps


Khan Academy Kids
Scratch (Coding)
Scratch Jr,
PBS Kids
Build a Bridge

One-Time Cost:

Stack the States
Toca Lab

Paid Services:

Reading Eggs