Porn is killing us.

Did you know that 96% of young adults do not see pornography as a negative thing?

64% of Christian men view porn on a regular basis.

Sadly, only 7% of churches say they have any sort of plan or program to help people fight against porn addiction.

We want to change this.

Porn is killing us. It’s destroying lives and destroying families. It’s time to destroy porn.

Now more than ever, more people are on the internet – for school, for work. 1 in 8 internet searches is for pornography. And the average child is exposed to porn by age 12. So what are you actively doing to protect your family?

Every 30 seconds a child is abducted – for sex, for slavery, or for organ harvesting. Much of the child trafficking industry is perpetuated by Americans viewing porn.

You cannot take a stand against human trafficking and consume porn at the same time. The two support each other.

It’s time to stand together and protect our families. It’s time to destroy porn. We have to, because it’s killing us.

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*Statistics from Covenant Eyes