We Bought A Farm!

Several years ago, a vision was birthed in our hearts to build a sustainable off grid homestead that would minister to families and train disciple makers. We hope to use this place as our “home base” as we continue to pursue God’s calling in our lives. We are asking God to use this homestead as a place of peace, for retreating and training. All we have is His. May He use it all for His glory.

In the last 10 years, we have lived in 8 different houses in 4 different countries. As sojourners on this earth, we know that “home” is wherever we are as we follow Jesus together. However, our children have never known the privilege of calling a place home for very long. We desire for them to experience the feeling of truly being anchored. That is one of the reasons we have purchased a small farm in the southern part of Virginia. Check out the video to find out more details!

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