It’s a girl!

“Anyone who preserves a human life is considered to have
preserved an entire world.” (From the Talmud)

These are uncertain times we’re living in. For us, the last twelve months have been some of the hardest of our lives.

We have suffered through much confusion, doubt, illness, and heartache. There were many times we asked, “God where are you?”

This morning, a beautiful healthy baby girl was born to us. We named her Iliana, which means, “God has answered.”

God has answered us. He’s right here. He’s in every life. He has reminded us that life is precious, full of joys and pains. And it’s in these little gifts of joy that we remember the purpose behind it all.

So today, amidst the chaos and confusion, we choose joy. We choose to enjoy our children, to celebrate life, and to pursue peace.

What are you pursuing today?

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  1. Pam Wilson says:

    Congratulations! Your family is always in my thoughts & prayers!!! Pam Wilson

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