Learn At Home Ideas

Children learn through play.

Learning never really stops. Everything that goes on around us, everything we hear, see, touch, smell, and taste, results in learning of some kind.

Learning doesn’t bow to deadlines or fall in line with anyone’s schedule or expectations. Through free, undirected play, children develop effective communication and social skills, they build cognitive and critical thinking, and they grow in confidence and creativity.

We want to help you and your children thrive during this time at home.

As the parent, provide resources, create the atmosphere, and be available. Don’t try to micromanage or control the play happening, but empower them, encourage them, and stand back and observe. It really is an incredible thing to watch children at play.

Here are a few fun learn through play ideas to get your kids started!
? Set up a post office in home with a mailbox at each door
? Make a LEGO maze
? Create a daily or weekly menu & set and serve the table
? Build a grocery store out of recycled products
? Research and design paper airplanes then have a distance contest and record the results
? Make your own play dough and spend hours creating
? Set up and design your very own library card catalog system
? Learn about native plants and go on a nature hunt
? Write real snail mail
? Make your own constellations projector to shine on the ceiling
? Design a movie theater with tickets and show times for the week

What are some other play-at-home ideas you have?

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