5 Benefits to Family Travel

As World Schoolers, we obviously do a lot of traveling. Over the years, we have observed several benefits that traveling brings to our family and we want to share with you. I’m sure there are more benefits we’ve yet to discover!

5️⃣ Benefits to Family Travel ?

1️⃣Gives awesome perspective. Technology has made the world small, but traveling allows us to see our planet for the enormous magnificent place that it is. We want our children to see the world and find their place in it.

2️⃣Rekindles a healthy sense of adventure. Experiences change us. They shape who we are as we learn from them.

3️⃣Increases our compassion. When we meet new people from new places (each shaped by their own experiences) our love for people grows and deeper bonds are formed.

4️⃣Makes us adaptable and flexible. We no longer conform to a mundane routine but rather we embrace exciting new rhythms.

5️⃣Forms lasting memories. Our kids may not remember what they received for their birthdays last year but they sure remember the adventures we had.

What benefits would you add to the list?

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  1. priscilla hall says:

    As I daily pass the house where you lived with my dog Sammy, I have such wonderful memories of your family. There has never been such joy and excitement as when you lived there. Whenever the kids were out riding their bikes, they would always stop and ask if they could help me. sure miss them.

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