Unschooling and College?

As unschooling world schoolers, one question we are often asked is, “What does your family do about accreditation for higher education?”
The short answer is you can follow your State’s requirements for homeschooling, such as registering your home as a “school,” registering your kids to get their GED or SAT’s, or taking a university’s placement tests.
However, our approach is a little more unique. If our children choose to pursue higher education they are free to do so. Because the world is their classroom, there is an entire world of possibilities and options, not just American institutions. Testing is not the only option.
Our desire is to walk alongside our kids by:

  • Giving them the freedom to pursue their passions, which may include periodically joining in on classes, receiving specialized training, or learning directly from an expert in that particular field of interest.
  • Helping them develop a plan to achieve their goals.
  • Providing life experiences and responsibility, while allowing them to face failure and real-world consequences.
  • Keeping learning fun, not forced, avoiding burnout.
  • And keeping a journal to help recognize patterns of development.

What are some questions you might have about our family’s unschooling experience?
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